1001 things I’m grateful for

This list is about the things that makes me smile and whisper thanks to God, that makes me joyful and tearful (sometimes), that reminds me life is worth living, that makes me fall to my knees and worship God.

1. Jesus, He is God’s answer to every need we have

2. the privilege of having a relationship with God,

3. spending time with Him

4. getting to know Him better through His Word

5. admiring God’s amazing workmanship in nature

6. the silence of the early morning and the whole world feels like yours alone

7. mainit na pandesal sa umaga

8. for WIN-Roadrunners who taught me a lot more than they’re aware of

9. for DARAGAZER who inspired me to be a better person

10. for words of affirmation

11. for cold mornings

12. for cold nights

13. for a cup of hot coffee

14. for that feeling when you laugh while crying

15. for a complete body

16. for facebook, sms and wordpress.com where I can share God’s goodness to me and learn of His goodness in others

17. for relationships

18. for old journals that reminds you of good memories, happy times, and lessons learned in hard times

19. for God’s wonderful will and His willingness to make it known to you

20. for my family

21. for Ilona, my accountability partner, who’s always willing to co-journey with me through anything

22. for challenges that helps you grow


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