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A Lifetime of Learning

27 Nov

Learning is like the sea — endless and vast.


Learning is defined as “acquiring or getting of knowledge of a subject or a skill by study, experience or instruction.” It is “retention of information or skill” where retention implies memory and cognitive organization. A modern student, to whom all information is only one click away, associates learning to memorizing or passing exams or fulfilling the course requirement. Learning has become superficial, badly needed but never pursued.

During my three years of language learning, I realized that learning cannot simply pass as attending classes or getting a high grade. One can enroll and graduate from school without actually learning those which are essential especially in a country (don’t ask which), where education is a commodity and a pre-requisite for employment. The number of the passionate who truly enjoys knowledge and new experiences decreases every generation.

Learning is not just getting or retaining information. If it is so, calling my computer…

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