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Ancient Knowledge on the Purpose of Life

27 Jun


A Picture of What I Pray for my Future Family

18 Jun


I refuse to reach out to get what I think I want because I realized what I really want is God’s desire for me.

I wait not for him but for Him because I know He’ll be my real satisfaction and my greatest love.

I know I’ll be delighted to finally see him, as he smiles and waits for me in the aisle. I know he’ll also be happy, as I walk the aisle and come to be with him. But we’ll be happier to know that God is smiling at both of us as we please Him even in our love story.

Our Father’s Day Celebration

18 Jun

To my great surprise, my best friend, wanted to help me out making the cards. I was very touched for I know that was her way of telling me she missed me and want to spend time with me. ^_^ We ended up buying this bread which looks like munchkins only not sweet. She was very disappointed it made me laugh.

This is how we would be thanking our dads in our church. It was quite difficult to think of something they will appreciate since they’re not very expressive but we’ll help them get over that. ^_^

18 Jun

In the simplest thoughts, when we truly delight in God, He will be our only desire.

He created us for Him in His image so apart from God, there is no real satisfaction.