I pray…

This page will be dedicated to my many prayer concern that I would like to share. I will update them to show how God answers prayers. 😀

… for my dad

Heavenly Father, You know full well what I would give just so I could be with him. He missed so much of my life. Still, I praise You for being with him and for being with me. I thank You that You didn’t let him stay on the pit where he was. I praise You that while bringing him up, you also brought us up. Truly, Father, Your plan and Your works are wonderful. And like David, I have come to know that full well.  You know, Lord, how I longed for him to be near, to be strong when I can’t, to fight for me when I can’t. Lord, thank You because when my earthly father can’t be with me, You, my heavenly Father are with me. You fought for me. You affirmed me, told me how You loved me. You’re there when I’m scared. You listened to me when I cry and is hurting. Thank You, Lord, that You filled me and satisfied me. I pray that my father would know You also as a loving Father, always able to take care of His children. I pray that he truly humble himself and desire You more than anything else. I pray that He will be come to know You more and need You more than anything else. I pray that You guide him with wisdom and understanding You alone can give. I praise You, Lord. I thank You for his life and for everything that You did for him.

… for my mom


Lord, one of the greatest tragedy of my life will be not knowing my mom as I want to know her. You know how I long to be close to her, how much I want to show her my love and honor her as You commanded in Your Word. I pray that  she I will be vulnerable and transparent, humble and teachable. I pray that I will learn to love her as Jesus loved me. I pray that I will always hope, always trust and always persevere.

… for my little brother

I pray that my brother will grow to be a strong godly man of convictions giving all the glory to You, no matter where he is or what he do. I pray that he will reflect Your strength and Your love. I pray that he will grow in his love and knowledge of You.

… for my little sister


I pray that she will grow up a beautiful girl complete and confident in You. I pray that I will be the sister to her as You want me to be. I pray for patience and love for both of us. I desperately pray that I will never again cause her any harm through my words or deeds. I pray that she will grow up intelligent, disciplined, known and loved.

… for my family


I pray that we will be one in glorifying You and lifting Your name above all other names. I pray that we will be good witnesses even inside our homes. Teach us to love each other as You loved us. I pray that papa will love mama as Jesus loved the church and mama will submit to papa as the church should submit to Christ. I pray for harmony and peace between us all the days of our lives. I pray we will be generous, self-sacrificing and abundant in our love for each other. I pray all of these, Lord, to show our neighbors, our distant relatives and friends, who You are, that You are real and that You work mightily in the lives of Your children. We pray that through our testimony they will come to know You. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Let Your will be done.


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