June: Second Week


Today is one of the good days. ^_^ I spent the whole afternoon with my friend and co-journer. We walked around UP in our effort to share the Gospel. I thank God for the grace and privilege to be a part of His work. It’s also good to be updated with the condition of my friend’s heart. We talked about graduating and future jobs an issue that for us, graduating students, is very important (and timely). At the end of the day, I thank God for giving me His assurance that my future is on His hands, a BETTER, SAFE, TRUSTWORTHY hands.


I praise God for the strength to finish well. This is the first time I had to finish a lot of readings, report and more readings. I thought I would break down but God hold on to me, told me to be still. I easily forget but He was patient and quick to remind. Without even noticing, I finished all the work. He certainly deserves all glory.


I’ve learned that…

…mistakes won’t kill me.

…skill is only the tip of an iceberg. The rest is character. What is unseen is what sin sinks the boat.

… strength is something you choose.

… that all I need to do is do my best, not necessarily the best.

… excellence is reflecting God’s strength and grace and giving Him all the glory.


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