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I’ve got place…

11 Dec

I’ve got places in my head, mostly houses full of memories and past history, that I want to write about one day. I would like to see them for real, touch their walls and know the stories of each room and each wall. I would like to know the lives and personalities of the people who lived in those houses and the agenda of every visitor who entered their doors. I would like to spend a very nice afternoon in the patios and balconies or read a book beside the windows or dream on its couches and beds. I wonder what life would be like in those houses. I wonder how it would be like to live those lives.These houses in my head, the people that live in them and memories that haunt its room might not be real but having them in my head is enough.

I’ve got many places, people and stories that I want to write about one day and somehow, I hope they won’t remain just stories in my head.




UP’s Pasta Showdown

13 Dec


Before anything else, I think a proper introduction why I’m doing this is necessary and I won’t be mistaken if I say this is partly my fault. I challenged a friend of mine to write something about a topic I’m not sure she’ll like but I know one that she’ll be willing to do and in exchange she also gave me a challenge. She asked me to try the best-selling pastas of two different restaurants here in UP – Diliman. The challenge was more than welcome for I simply LOVE pasta. So, I went to Long Island in the College of Mass Communication and to Owen’s Pasta along Area I near the Kalayaan Residence Hall.


The sun just started to set and many students had already gone home save for a few who, like us, are concluding the day with good food and company. After a long satisfying day…

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